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Panda’s Adaptive Defense helps you meet the GDPR’s compliance requirements

1. Who does it affect?
The regulation affects any Company that handles personal data of natural persons belonging to the EU, even if they are not physically present within the territory. The term natural persons is understood to be not only customers, but also candidates, ex-clients and users of products and services that may have been acquired by a third party, as well as a company’s employees and collaborators.
2. How much time do companies have to comply?
3. What is considered to be Personal Data and subject to the GDPR?
4. What is considered to be Sensitive Personal Data?
5. What are the consequences of violating regulations
The GDPR regulations are a response to an increase in cyberattacks and stem from a need for greater collaboration between public and private entities to remedy this ongoing problem. The creation of a common digital framework is an extra security barrier for one of the greatest corporate assets: data.

Panda Adaptive Defense minimizes these risks and helps to comply with the GDPR, based on two fundamental pillars: Security and Information Management.

These are the two keys.
1) Control over the data that is collected, stored, and processed in the company’s different departments (HR, marketing, etc.), on both computers and servers, and
2) the adoption of security measures necessary to protect them from attackers

Security of processing Article 32

Panda Adaptive Defense and Panda Adaptive Defense 360, protect organizations against any type of threat: from known, advanced and zero-day malware to ransomware, fileless (memory-based) and malwareless attacks.

They use a security approach based on constantly monitoring application activity to make sure that only those applications trusted by Panda Security are allowed to run.

This prevents the loss or theft of data across the network.

Notification of a personal data breach to the supervisory authority. Article 33

Should a security breach or unknown process be detected on a company’s workstations or servers, Panda Adaptive Defense and Panda Adaptive Defense 360 will immediately notify the security administrator via email, detailing all activities carried out by the threat.

Additionally, in the event that a threat manages to run on the corporate network, Panda Adaptive Defense’s dashboard will display the attack lifecycle, indicating whether data files were accessed and the actions taken on them (exfiltration, copy, etc.).

This information can be easily exported to files, accessed on Advanced Reporting Tool, and integrated into the company’s SIEM thanks to Panda Security’s SIEMFeeder module

Tasks of the data protection officer (DPO). Article 39

Panda Advanced Reporting Tool provides customizable, preconfigured dashboards and reports that meet the needs of DPOs, assisting them to carry out their duties and assess the impact of data protection efforts.


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White Paper: Regulatory Compliance Guide
15, Aglantzias Avenue, Office 101, Nicosia
+357 22 441 514

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