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Panda Systems Management - MDM Module



The challenge: Prevent loss of confidential information in case of loss or theft of a mobile device.

The increasing mobility of employees in corporate environments has extended the use of tablets, smartphones and laptop computers for handling all sorts of internal documentation. The loss or theft of one of these devices represents a serious breach of the company’s security and may expose valuable confidential information.

The solution: Locate your missing or lost devices and prevent confidential data loss.

Systems Management helps you find and recover your missing mobile devices, obtaining their coordinates and showing the devices’ location on a map. Additionally, it allows you to lock your device remotely or return it to its factory settings, preventing access to internal documentation, emails, phonebook contacts and any other type of confidential information.

What does it offer?

Remote lock

Locks the device remotely to prevent others from using it.

Remote unlock

Unlocks locked devices by resetting the security password should the user forget it.

Remote wipe

Performs a remote factory reset of the device, erasing all personal and confidential information stored on it.


Shows the device’s location on a map, via GPS, WPS or GeoIP.

Password policy enforcement

Forces device owners to set security passwords to protect their devices in case of loss or theft.

The challenge: The mobility of today’s workforce and the wide variety of mobile device platforms available make control and management significantly more difficult.

The use of mobile devices in the business world is clearly on the rise. Not only that, according to The Times, with the appearance of smartphones and tablets the average number of mobile devices business executives use rose to 3.4 in 2012. As if this was not enough, the existence of multiple mobile platforms competing for the same niche market has made network management even harder and fostered the appearance of fragmented management solutions with very different functionalities.

The solution: A single, cloud-based mobile device management solution for your entire organization.

Systems Management lets you manage your Android and iOS devices, both in the office and on the road, from a single Web-based console accessible anywhere, anytime. Log software and hardware changes on mobile devices and generate reports on the status of your mobile fleet.

What does it offer?

Single Web-based console

For centrally managing all your Windows and Mac OS X laptops (netbooks, ultrabooks, etc), tablets, Android and iOS smartphones, both in the office and on the road, anywhere, anytime.

Monitoring of the status of your mobile devices (online/ offline)

Hardware and software installed, changelogs, operating system and version, operator, total capacity and free space in internal drives, etc.

Consolidated reports

Showing the status of all devices on your network, including smartphones, tablets and laptops

Password policy enforcement

Forces device owners to set security passwords to protect their devices in case of loss or theft.
Features Operating System
Audit iOS Android
List device information
List network information
List installed applications
Show device location
Manage Device iOS Android
Erase device and settings
Lock device
Unlock device
Change passcode
Passcode policy  
WI-FI credentials  
VPN credentials  
Password protect against policy removal ●*  
Restrictions iOS Android
Allow use of camera
Allow installing apps  
Allow screen capture  
Allow voice dialing  
Allow FaceTime  
Allow automatic sync when roaming  
Allow Siri  
Allow Siri while locked  
Allow Passbook notifications while locked  
Allow in-app purchases  
Force users to enter iTunes Store password for all purchases  
Allow multiplayer gaming  
Allow adding Game Center friends  
Show Control Center in lock screen (iOS 7)  
Show Notification Center in lock screen (iOS 7)  
Show Today view in lock screen (iOS 7)  
Allow documents from managed apps in unmanaged apps (iOS 7)  
Allow documents from unmanaged apps in managed apps (iOS 7)  
Allow use of iTunes Store  
Allow use of Safari  
Enable Safari autofill  
Force Safari fraud warning  
Enable Safari javascript  
Block Safari popups  
Allow iCloud backup  
Allow iCloud document sync  
Allow iCloud Keychain sync (iOS 7)  
Allow photo stream  
Allow shared stream  
Allow diagnostic data to be sent to Apple  
Allow user to accept untrusted TLS certificates  
Force encrypted backup  
Allow Automatic Updates to certificate trust settings (iOS 7)  
Force limited ad tracking (iOS 7)  
Allow fingerprint for unlock (iOS 7)  
Allow explicit music and podcasts  
Rating Apps  
Rating Movies  
Rating TV Shows  
Show iMessage  
Allow app removal  
Allow Game Center  
Allow Bookstore  
Allow Bookstore erotica  
Allow UI configuration profile installation  
Allow modifying account settings (iOS 7)  
Allow AirDrop (iOS 7)  
Allow changes to cellular data usage for apps (iOS 7)  
Allow user-generated content in Siri (iOS 7)  
Allow modifying Find My Friends settings (iOS 7)  
Allow host pairing (iOS 7)  

*You can apply password protection, but be aware that Apple devices are ultimately in the user's control, who can remove the policy.

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